Gabby Lauterpacht Toronto,ON

Author: Mock Webware |

It is extremely difficult to put into a few short sentences the impact that Sunny Gym (and my trainer, Jacob Anidjar) have had on me over the past 2 years. I could not have predicted the impact that joining this gym would have on my life. Like most new gym goers, I remember feeling nervous and intimidated on that first day. Being a woman, it’s hard to enter a typically male/testosterone filled place, especially when one has a negative image of their body and the way that they look. Those were merely feelings I was projecting because the atmosphere in the gym could not be farther than that. The vibe in the gym is so positive, energetic and incredibly welcoming. Since that epic day two years ago, I have lost 20+ lbs., dropped 3 dress sizes and most importantly gained a love and appreciation for my body and myself.

Being in the gym environment opened my eyes to the world of health and fitness and I fell in much so, that not only was my physical appearance altered, but my career path as well.

Thank you Sunny Gym for the continued inspiration, support and for never failing to provide a killer workout day in and day out. I will forever be grateful